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Back Seat Failures

Back Seat Failure Lawyers

When you think about protection during a car accident, you might envision seat belts or airbags. And while it has been proven that both of these can help save lives while working to reduce the severity of any injuries, it is important to note that they are only as effective as the seat itself. More specifically, the seat back of a vehicle can either help secure passengers in place to be protected by airbags and seatbelts, or it can fail and move them away from that safety entirely.

Defective Seat Backs

Defective seat backs, as described above, can negatively impact the inhabitants of a vehicle during an accident if it shifts them away from the airbags or actually positions them in such a way that they could find themselves thrown through the vehicle entirely. In addition to that, however, there are a few other issues that could arise from a defective seat back. Having the back fail while driving, for example, could lead to disaster as the driver is suddenly lying down and unable to see the road properly.

Seat backs and their failure can also impact other passengers in the vehicle. This is especially true of those in the back seat, who could be serious injured by the sudden drop of the seat and all of the weight it contains. This is perhaps particularly worrisome when it comes to children or infants who might be hit by the seat back. Finally, should a seat back fail during an accident, it could trap passengers in the vehicle and contribute to their injuries. If the vehicle was on fire or under water, for example, it is easy to see just how deadly this situation could become.


You might wonder if the threat of seat back failure is a new that is just emerging. Were that the case, then perhaps safety measures would already be developed to help eliminate this danger. In reality, this is not a new concern. Seat back failures have been an issue for at least 30 years, and the progress to improve them has proven exceedingly slow. In fact, some automakers have blatantly refused to upgrade the seats in question. The NHSTA has even had to step in over the past few years to help demand and oversee the recall of seats with defective backs from various automakers, but the damage has already been done and the manufacturers should not have needed to be forced into the recall.

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